The idea for this business was born in Miami when a couple of friends were discussing ways to get busy executives out of the office for a meeting without interruptions. Being lifelong boaters ourselves, our propellers began to spin. If we could only invite these folks out boating for a couple of hours, we were sure we could have a relaxing conversation.

As our fleet of boats and affiliates continue to grow we’re expanding our service offerings and territory. Why stop at business meetings, we have all the resources you need, great weather, plenty of boats and excellent caterers. If your company wants to host a holiday party or you have a milestone birthday, marriage proposal, engagement party, small wedding with family and friends, we can do those too. And the experience will certainly be unique.

Remember, a bad day on the water is better than a good day at the office.

We’re glad you visited our site and welcome all your input and feedback.

The Captain